Causes of Heat Loss in the Garage

Garage-InsulationAs the heat loss of a specific house increases so does the utility bills of that house because of the energy expenditure for keeping the house warm. Improper sealing and poor insulation of different parts of the house are to blame for the loss of energy efficiency and a raise in bills. Some houses feature an attached garage that in most cases opens into the house as well. If you’re looking at a similar scenario then below are the places that you should check that might be contributing to the lack of energy efficiency. Garage door repair morton grove, il.

Why Insulation is Important?

In usual scenarios, the walls of a garage are cracks-free which doesn’t allow any heat loss. But even if the walls of your garage are perfectly strong, there are a lot of other factors that can contribute to heat loss on a cold day. One of the major factors is the lack of insulation of the garage walls. If the inside of the garage walls feel cool on touch and the intensity of the temperature of the wall surface feels different at different points then it indicates that the insulation of the wall is poor or the wall is not insulated at all. When you take a trip to the market, you realize there are a lot of viable solutions for this problem. To begin with, you can get your garage wall insulated from the outside along with the roof. Garage door repair villa park, il.

Garage doors contribute a major sum to the overall surface area of the garage. Even a poorly insulated garage door can contribute to more heat loss as compared to an entirely un-insulated garage wall. According to the type of garage door, you can insulate the garage door all by yourself.Source: Website


The sole purpose of weather-strip is to stop the inward and outward flows of air to and from a garage. In case of a damaged or poorly maintained weather-strip warm air can easily sweep through the cracks and openings of the weather-stripping hence causing your heating appliance to work more continuously only to increase your utility bills. Weather-stripping is supposed to seal of the garage floor surface and the garage door, and in case of an improper installation, large cracks can be left unattended causing a lack of efficiency of the garage in terms of sustaining the indoor temperature.

If you live near a coastal area or your garage door is subjected to humidity in any way, chances are the weather-stripping of your garage door is deteriorated because of the humidity. If you are able to pass a rag through the bottom of your garage door, it becomes important that you replace your weather-stripping on a first priority. A little attention to these details will make your garage more effectively insulated which will increase the comfort level that your house has to offer. We you’re looking to replace your existing garage door with a new insulated one then you can always contact us for more information. Credit goes to: Garage Door Repair Deerfield, IL

Put your unused Garage Space to a Good Use

garage-spaceIf you’re looking for some additional activity space in your house or are sick of changing or retouching your house for the sake of producing more living space then you can start by renovating your unused garage. If you don’t own any vehicle at a time and your garage is just a lot of space that isn’t being put to a great use then you have a lot of different options to utilize the space your garage has to offer, efficiently. You can not only rent it out to some college graduates or make it a guest room but you can also use the much precious garage space for the sake of making an entertainment stop at your house like an activity room, home gym, home studio and even office. Garage door repair in La Grange, IL

How to Efficiently Utilize the Garage Space?

You must have a clear vision about what you want to see in your garage space, how you want to utilize the space and how much renovation your garage will require. A lot of new houses usually have a well-finished garage. The availability of drywall, good insulation and heating or cooling systems make them great. In case, you’re dealing with a relatively old garage that doesn’t feature all these facilities then you would have to work on making the garage more habitable first. In the end, it’s all about how much you can spend and how much you are willing to go out of your way to make your garage look and feel awesome. You can also hire a contractor for all of the remodeling jobs, if you think you can afford it. Otherwise, there is nothing unusual that an inexperience person can’t do.Information: Garage Door Repair Buffalo Grove, IL.

Setting up a home gym does not require any of the fancy workout machines that you see at a real gym. It is supposed to be a place where you can keep up with your exercising routine. To make a good home gym out of your garage you would have to start with finishing the garage with a drywall, work on important repairs including the floor chips and cracks. You can also for an epoxy flooring or otherwise with a vinyl or laminated floor. Garage door repair service in Lincolnwood, IL. Dress up the floor with workout mats that would also ensure safety and make sure that your garage has a proper ventilation and temperature control.

If you’re looking forward to turning your garage into a home office then a proper temperature control HVAC system becomes a must have. If you already have windows installed in your garage door then you can also utilize the sun light to light up your office. You can decorate your garage walls with portraits and photos, and can also place plants in the corner to give it a more welcoming feel. If the garage floor doesn’t go with an office feel then you can lay a rug or carpet to cover it up. You can also contact us if you want to get your garage door insulated or want to replace your exciting garage door with a laminated one. If you have any garage door problems in Villa Park, IL, our friends at Garage Door Repair in Villa Park, IL can help!

Building A Perfect Garage Door Frame

Garage doors serve a house for a really long time. They not only add curb appeal to a house but also make a great difference on the market value of a house. As you would most likely utilize one garage door for a long period of time, it becomes important that you consider all of the factors that influence its proper functionality and appearance. Garage door repair morton grove, il.

The size of the garage door is an important factor to consider before you set up the door frame. The type of vehicle that would be passing in and out of the garage suggests that what size of the garage door will be required. For example, if you own a SUV then you would want to go with an 8 foot garage rather than the regular 7 foot garage door that is usually installed for the purpose. Garage door repair in Grays Lake, IL

You will have to decide the jam material before you make a decision about have a rough or fit-in garage opening. For a perfect fit, garage door frame size should be equal to the size of the garage door after the application of jamb. If you are going to go with a garage door type that uses torsional springs then you would have to consider a clearance of 12’’ between the ceiling and the top side of the garage door opening. The clearance can be lower for regular springs about 10’’. It is also important that you check the rear clearance and the headroom of your garage door to ensure free and smooth movement of the garage door. Headroom can be 5’’ to 8’’ and the rear clearance is usually 26’’ with accordance to the type of springs that would be installed. 40’’ rear clearance would be required if you are looking forward to the installation of an operator.

It can be hard for a person who knows a little to nothing about the proper fitting and installation of a garage door to prepare the right size of garage door frame. Our trained professionals can help you guide through each step of the installation so you don’t have to face any unexpected malfunction or improper operation of your garage door.